Tuesday, October 22, 2013

THE BREAK-UP ARTIST cover reveal extravaganza!

I'm going to keep this short + sweet since my brain is fried. It's one of those Tuesdays that feels like a Thursday except, ya know, it's only Tuesday.

THE BREAK-UP ARTIST! Cover reveal extravaganza! Three parts! 

Part I - The Actual Reveal

In which HarlequinTEEN officially reveals the magnificent cover for THE BREAK-UP ARTIST for all the world to see.

Where: the HarlequinTEEN Facebook page --
When: Thursday 10/24 10:30 am

Part II - ICYMI Cover Reveal + ARC Giveaway @ Forever17 Books

In which I show off the cover once for all who missed it. On top of that, I'll reveal the book's official book jacket copy and *some special secret amazing news* that I'm nearly bursting with. Or maybe that's just fiber. But that's not all.

I'm also giving away 2 limited-edition cerlox ARCs of THE BREAK-UP ARTIST and a funpack of some amazing HarlequinTEEN debut contemporaries.

When: Friday 10/25

Part III - Cover Talk at YA @ YAInterrobang

In which I discuss the cool details behind the cover design. The cover is something that you can keep looking at and find something new, like those Magic Eye paintings from the 90s

When: Sunday 10/27

I am so far beyond excited -- like I can't even see excited from my house anymore -- to show you the cover for THE BREAK-UP ARTIST, to take one giant leap closer to bringing the book into the world. 

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