Monday, January 28, 2013

Changing My Weekend Routine

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I can't believe it's Monday again. It's not that this weekend went by so fast. They usually do. But lately, I feel like I can never get what I want accomplished. Friday night, I make my to-do list, and once I get all my usual weekend errands done, I'm either too exhausted to write or I just don't have time for it. I used to be annoyed that I wasn't writing enough, but I think the problem goes deeper than that.

I once blogged about how my writing suffered from the SIFS, the Save It For Sundays. I've learned to set manageable writing expectations for the weekend. (I'm no Taryn Albright, unfortunately.) Yet even those aren't being met. After this weekend, I realized that my non-writing life has been infected with the SIFS. I make big to-do lists, and it's usually the same culprits: grocery shop (I shop at multiple stores), gym, clean the apartment, call my family, make my lunches for the week. I work full-time, and so I always feel too tired on weeknights to do anything. I know I'll have more energy to do EVERYTHING come Saturday. Every Friday, I never believe those regular errands will take long, and that I'll have loads of time to write. And every Sunday, I am proven wrong.

So new goal! From now on, I will try to check off some items of my weekly to-do list during the week. I can push myself to do a little when I get off work. A little grocery shopping, a little cleaning, a little phone time, and other items that need to be done. That way, I'll have more time -- and more importantly, more energy -- on the weekend to write.

Any routines you're looking to switch up?

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