Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Team Buffy or Team Bella?

(In case the print is too small, under Bella it says: Edward, you watch me sleep at night, you treat me like a child, and you think about eating me for dinner. Under Buffy, it says: No guy is worth your life. Not ever.)

I have never read or seen either, so I don't have a dog in this fight. However, the infographic above is the main gripe I hear about Bella.


Now get back to writing, NaNoers! :)


  1. Yeah, team Buffy all the way, Phil. I sought out and found there were lots of Team We Hate Bella out there. And I'm not surprised.

    I've only read the first book in the Twilight saga so I can't speak for any of the other books. Maybe things got better but I couldn't stomach reading more to find out.

    Now, as a writer, I couldn't high five Stephenie Meyer enough for lucking out on penning a love story so many people got punch drunk love on :-)

  2. As an avid Buffy fan, you could pit her against anyone and I would choose her, no contest :-)

  3. I'm team Buffy all the way. She's a much better role model for young girls.

  4. @Angela - Exactly. No matter what people think about the quality of Stephanie Meyer's writing, you can't deny that she hit a nerve with millions of readers.

    @Sarah - SMG can vanquish anyone!

    @Christine - Agreed.

    @Michael - Hahahah. Do you partake in the team edward/team jacob debates?

  5. Okay...I'm team Jacob all the way baby. He's way hotter than Edward ever was, and honestly, Bella is insane to go with a corpse over a steamy smoky werewolf. But the whole Twilight thing is just Mormon allegory. It's not made to make sense. It's just made to bundle up a "Celestial Marriage" and the idea that in a celestial lasts forever. Hence "vampirism" being the immortality aspect. Meh.