Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nineowrimo - 9K Challenge for 9/9

I had read on Chandler Craig's awesome blog Fumbling with Fiction about 10K Writing Challenges. She and her writer buddy Jen Hayley challenged and motivated each other to crank out 10,000 words in a single weekend. After a busy, fun-filled (but writing deficient) August, this weekend I look forward to staying in - and catching up on my WIP. (Remember in July when I said I was going to crank out a first draft in a month...oh, you do remember?...crap...)

Since this Friday is 9/9, I am going to challenge myself to write 9,000 words this weekend. Ridiculous? Possibly. Insane? You bet!

Now who's with me???

I will be live-tweeting my endeavor (@FillupSeagull) We can spur each other on throughout the weekend, commiserate about falling behind, but then cyberhug and cheer when we pull ahead. After a summer where some of us were sidetracked, let's use this weekend to get back into the swing of things, build some momentum and make some progress on our WIPs. It will be fun fun fun!

Ok, NOW who's with me???


  1. You know what, I think this is a brilliant idea. Sadly I won't be able to cheer you on as I'm not on twitter but could always email you updates at the end of the day :-)

  2. We can definitely email each other about our progress, or live blog, too. Does this mean you're in? :)

  3. Awesome challenge. I'm busy with interviews and such currently, but I may do this off of the record :)

  4. That is an awesome idea! I'd love to do it, but I know it won't happen. I have to save up my time for November's NaNoWriMo. Good luck!

  5. Phil...I will be with spirit :-)

    Now, I'm thinking of getting a Twitter account this weekend so I look forward to following your progrress.

  6. If only I didn't have to attend 2 baby showers!

  7. Phil, I can't find an email for you. Can you email me through my blog? cheers.

  8. @Sarah - just emailed you. Can't wait!!

    @Kelley - good luck with the interviews!

    @Christine - It's good you know your limits, and smart to save up energy for Nanowrimo. I've never been able to compete. Maybe this year...

    @Angela - Do it. I love Twitter and now use it more than Facebook.

    @Alleged - I hope to shower my WIP with words this weekend.

  9. Hey, I love this! I commented on your more recent post and I didn't even get the connection. Haha! Nineowrimo has a very nice ring to it. Now throw some productivity my way, puh-lease!

  10. @Chandler - Thank you for providing the inspiration. I am seriously in awe of how you balance everything and write so much. I don't know how she does it. Looking forward to your future blog post about juggling everything.