Friday, August 19, 2011

Overdue Shoutouts

My mother taught me to always thank someone when they give you a gift. This month, I was fortunate enough to receive two Liebster awards from Julia Hones and E.R. King, and I never said a proper thank you! So here it goes:

Thank you thank you thank you this is awesome thank you thank you!! Or as Alanis says, Thank U

For those who haven't visited Julia or ER's blogs, I strongly recommend you check them out.

Julia likes to write short stories, which is a nice change-up in our YA world. She also gets up every morning at 5:30 to write. I'm in awe. I wish I had that willpower. For those in editing mode, she has a great checklist to use when rereading your story. In honor of Julia, I'm posting a scene of another Julia - Roberts, that is, from one of my all-time favorites My Best Friend's Wedding. You are definitely not Jell-O.

If you don't know who E.R. King is, then you obviously are new to the kidlitosphere. Her blog is aptly-named Get Busy Writing, and busy she is. She puts more passion and energy into blogging than anyone I know - posting regularly, writing hilarious comments on everyone's blog, starting series like Blogger Mentor Mondays. I know she's going to get an agent and publish tons of books someday! So in honor of her, and her pen name, here is the theme song to ER (which I always think of when I see her pen name):

(I just learned how to embed videos. can you tell?)

Thank you again ladies!

also sidenote -- I'm on Twitter! The Twitter link wasn't working on my blog, but my handle is @FillupSeagull  I know I should use something more professional, but I'm not ready to retire it just yet. Feel free to follow me, and let me know your Twitter handles in the comments so that I can follow you.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Sweet! You made my day, Phil.Thanks!

  2. Goody, another new blog to follow! Thanks Phil :)

  3. Awesome blog plugs. Definitely sound like two for my blogger roll call.